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You will never need to apply for another job again. Let us find, apply, and track jobs for you!

Reverse Recruiting Clients Save 140+ Hours On Job Searching

Our job search service can save you over 140 hours. But more importantly, since we job search for a living we believe we are better at it than the average professional. Below are some estimates based on time savings without the assumption of significantly superior results.

Without BrandedResumes  With
With BrandedResumes 
3 Months Estimated Job Search  3 Months Estimated Job Search 
150 Job Postings Found  20 minutes to find each job 50 hours  0 Hours
150 Applications Submitted  20 minutes per application submitted  50 hours 150 Applications Submitted  0 Hours
150 Custom Resumes Used  15 minutes per custom resume  38 hours  150 Custom Resumes Used   We take care of it for you! 0 Hours
6 Job Interviews  2 hours prep/research per interview 12 Hours 6 Job Interviews  2 hours prep/research per interview 12 Hours
Total 150 hours spent job searching Total 12 hours spent job searching

If you choose BrandedResumes, you'll receive the following benefits

Here's what you can expect from our team every week

Friday & Monday
Job Search

On Fridays and Mondays, your reverse recruiter will identify jobs that they believe you will be interested in. You can review these jobs in your job search tracker. Please approve or reject each job with detailed notes before Tuesday so that we can get to work right away.

Tuesday - Thursday
Job Applications

From Tuesday through Thursday, your reverse recruiter will work on filling out applications for the jobs you approved over the weekend. Most of the time, we tweak your resume to optimize it for each job application that we submit. We’ll send you a copy of the customized resume that we use for each job listed in your profile. Approximately 7-12 job applications are expected to be submitted by each Friday. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, yes. Reverse Recruiting Services are also covered by our 90-Day Interview Guarantee. It will be our team’s responsibility to keep working until you earn at least five qualified interviews within 90 days of service.  

Although we cannot guarantee you a job in any time frame, most job searches we manage take three months. In some cases, clients receive job offers within two weeks, while in others, it can take up to six months. There are many factors outside of our control that affect the duration of the job search, such as location flexibility, salary, and interview skills.

Before we begin the process, we will review your resume free of charge to let you know if we think it can be improved. Before engaging our reverse recruiting services, we strongly recommend using our resume writing services. Having your resume written by our staff will make it easier for your reverse recruiter to make any necessary edits/alterations.

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