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You will never need to apply for another job again. Let us find, apply, and track jobs for you!

Reverse Recruiting Clients Save 130+ Hours On Job Searching

Our job search service can save you over 130 hours. But more importantly, since we job search for a living we believe we are better at it than the average professional. Below are some estimates based on time savings without the assumption of significantly superior results.

If you choose BrandedResumes, you'll receive the following benefits

Here's what you can expect from our team every day

Job Searching

Your reverse recruiter will identify jobs that they believe you will be interested in based on your career goals. You can review these jobs in your job search tracker. Please approve or reject each job with detailed notes throughout the duration of the services. 

Job Applications

Your reverse recruiter will submit applications for the jobs you approved for the week. Most of the time, we tweak your resume to optimize it for each job application that we submit. Your reverse recruiter will approximately submit 50 applications each week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse Recruiting is a service where we actively search, apply, and track job opportunities on your behalf, reversing the traditional job application process.

Approximately 50 job applications are expected to be submitted on your behalf each week, depending on the jobs you approve over the weekend.

Although we cannot guarantee you a job in any time frame, most job searches we manage take three months. In some cases, clients receive job offers within two weeks, while in others, it can take up to six months. There are many factors outside of our control that affect the duration of the job search, such as location flexibility, salary, and interview skills.

Our Job Search Tracker is a tool that helps you keep track of all job applications, including their status, important dates, and any necessary follow-ups, streamlining your job search process.

With our service, clients can save over 130 hours on job searching activities, as we handle the process of finding, applying, and tracking job applications for you.

Choosing Branded Resumes includes benefits like personalized resumes for each application, job search by U.S.-based Reverse Recruiters, discovery calls, applications to 50 handpicked jobs weekly, and more.

Throughout the week your reverse recruiter will identify jobs for you. You can review these jobs in your job search tracker and approve or reject each job before having your reverse recruiter apply for any positions. 

Yes, you can chat with your Reverse Recruiter during business hours for any queries or updates.

Once you approve the jobs your reverse recruiter will work on submitting applications for those jobs, including optimizing and customizing your resume for each application.

Upon receiving your professionally-written resume, if you do not receive two times more job interviews within 90 days, we will write it again for free. You must inform us in writing within 90 days after receiving your final copy. Our guarantee applies only to certain packages.